Off I Go!

Tomorrow starts my semester long adventure in Buenos Aires, Argentina! 

I chose Argentina for many reasons. For those of you who got the blog title reference… I do love musical theater. For those of you who did not catch the reference, “Another Suitcase in Another Hall” is the title of a song from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Evita. Evita is about the life of Eva Peron and this song (in Madonna’s movie adaptation at least) is when Evita is leaving her hometown to travel to Buenos Aires. Quite fitting I thought.

My interest in Buenos Aires does not die there… I love the language and the history. While in the city I will be taking classes at the University and living with a host family. I am also in a human rights track so I get the privilege to work with an NGO. My goal is to do my field work with The Mothers of  la Plaza de Mayo, mothers who continue to protest the governments actions from the dirty war.


I am very excited to start this adventure. Especially because I’ve been home for way too long. I guess I’m itching for an adventure.

Today my parents and I left early in the afternoon in order to try to beat the traffic down to the city. My first flight leaves tomorrow at 1:15pm from JFK and then I pick up the group flight to Buenos Aires at 7:45pm. The flight is ten hours and with the two hour time change, we should land in Buenos Aires around 8 am.

I’ve got a couple John Green books and a bunch of puzzles to hopefully keep me busy. Plus I just downloaded Ken Burns’ new app so that should be fun to explore ( Once I leave the U.S. tomorrow my phone will no longer work with the number I have now. But I will have internet access at some point so that’s probably your best option if you would like to contact me. I will be using Viber at some point too though. Send me an email if you’d like my new address. I’ll try to update soon!


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