Things Are Starting to Feel More Normal

I know it has only been a couple days, but I’m starting to feel much more comfortable! I do keep getting lost, but I know enough to find my way again which is super!I took the bus confidently today too which was an added plus!

This morning was mostly just orientation about classes and the different universities. It was necessary information, but definitely a little long. Then we had an hour break and I went and changed my money at a casa de cambio. I got a little over 11 pesos for a dollar. Not too bad! It should last me for a while. The money is actually really pretty here. It reminds me of Canadian money too because the coins can be worth whole pesos and two pesos, not just cents. Here’s a picture of some money:


This is 100 pesos. With the exchange I got today.. that’s about 10 American dollars.


Here is 50 pesos.. about five American dollars. It will by you quite a good lunch!


And 10 pesos and 2 pesos… and a fifty centavos coin. 2 pesos can be a coin too!

After that we had a session on living with a host family and it was really helpful. Next was a two and a half hour break. A friend and I walked around and found a place to eat. It was an Argentine pizza place, and it was really good! The walls were covered in photos of athletes and they had huge photos of Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan. I was really proud of myself because I asked the man what size the slices of pizza were and he responded without a flinch. Sounds like a success! Another thing I really like to do at restaurants and when I eat with my host mom, is to see how the locals eat. It was really interesting at the pizza place… they ate the entire piece of pizza with a knife and a fork – so I did too. Mayor de Blasio would fit in well here – he was right about the Italians and how they eat Pizza!


Sorry John.

After lunch we walked around for a little while. I bought a couple peaches and then I bought and ate my first bon bon!

First Bon Bon

It was sooo tasty.

Then we walked for more time and I took some pictures of the streets. Here’s one:


This is Cerrito and also Av. 9 de Julio. Claro is a cellphone provider company.

And then I took a picture of the door of the building we are having class in:

Door Dec

If you look closely, there’s a little critter on there.

I actually just remembered something really interesting I learned about Argentine culture last night at dinner that I forgot to write about. Sabrina (She works for the program) asked one of the students to pass the salt. When they tried to put it in her hand she said no, that in Argentina, you pick it up off the table, put it on the table, but never pass it from hand to hand. It’s a superstition in Argentina because salt used to be used as a form of payment and if it was passed from hand to hand, that might mean that you could be to blame for that money that is now in your possession. Such a cool superstition! She said it came from the Romans. Well I think she did, but don’t take my word for it, she said it in Spanish.

Anyway. Then we had a section about the concentrations and I’m still really content with the Human Rights one. On the way to the bus station I took this photo:


A street inside the buildings.

 And I took this one where I catch the bus:

Bus stop

Looks just like the Washington Monument back there! It’s actually there to commemorate the start of the republic.

I took the bus and all was well. It rained a little bit as I walked home but I didn’t mind. For dinner my host mom made spaghetti and we had flan and cake and a really good juice too. We also had a bunch of really interesting conversations about diseases and illnesses and other things, all in Spanish! It’s getting easier! 🙂


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