The Search for Classes

Not much happened today! We spent the day working with the different Universities and with our advisers. I made it perfectly to orientation today! USAL was our first University, we signed up and listened to a talk. After that I got some lunch, a caprese sandwich! Very tasty:


Then I met with the director of the human rights concentration and we had a good chat. And I chatted classes with another woman and that was mildly stressful, but oh well. Then a woman from the U.S. embassy came and talked to us, in ENGLISH!!!!, about what they can do for us, but mostly what they can’t do. After her talk a kid in the program who is from England raised his hand and said he has a green card but not citizenship and asked if he “got all those lovely things too?” or if he’d have to go somewhere else. His Brighton accent made it hysterical. After that session we hung out on the porch a bit and I made some new friends that I’m really a fan of. Then we headed over to UTDT by bus. It was a nice trip and I got a free notebook, but I don’t think I’m going to take any classes there… they specialize more in economics and none of their history classes look superb. This car was just chilling in one of the buildings:


And on the way out I snapped this photo:


The street art here is incredible. After di Tella the bus left us in some random place (not where it picked us up which was ridiculous) and it was actually close to my house (ish) so some girls and I walked to our respective homes. It was fun and I really like the people that live in my area.

I spent the evening looking for classes but I have no idea ahahha. Then for dinner we had beef with onion and potatoes and it was really really good. I think my host mom is really happy with me… today she said “you like my food don’t you? I like that. That’s good. That’s very very good” and she smiled a lot. Lady makes good food! We talked a lot about the garden my family has at home and I learned  a lot of new words and taught her some too. It was great! I tried to look for classes again but I think I’ll just go to bed…. Another University visit in the morning!


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