At Least Forty Blocks Later…

Today was very very long, but it proved to me that I’m already getting better at this city! And that I love it. 

This morning I had to catch a new bus over to UCA, the Catholic University. I waited for some time at the bus stop and finally a packed bus came and the traffic was terrible and it took forever. So of course I was late and didn’t find exactly where I was supposed to go but finally I found one boy that is on my program that I know. We then ended up with this other group and then finally found our group. At this point we were like 10 minutes late… but that was okay because I keep forgetting that now we run on Argentine time aka everything is late. The program was supposed to start at 10… it started at probably 10:40. Crazy!

I really like UCA and all they had to offer and I really want to take their Argentine History class. I hope it works out! The lady who gave the presentation kept making references to American songs and to Dr. Seuss and it was really fun. They also have a program where students partner with international students and they organize trips to places and I really want to be a part of that. After the session I decided I wanted to walk all the way to our next location since we had three hours (I knew it was really far). I told people that they could come with me if they wanted and a bunch did. It was really fun and I had some internal history major freak out as we walked.

First I took us past “La Casa Rosada” which is the Argentine equivalent of the White House:










And then to the Plaza de Mayo (where Los madres marched for days and days and days):




We stopped near this building for lunch on Avenida de Mayo:



I had empandas (cheese and onion) for lunch and they were soooo tasty! Then we walked for ages. No joke. Like an hour and a half. But it was fun to see the city and find that I can navigate it. We got to the Circolo fifteen minutes early. I snapped these on the way:





This is definitely my favorite thing about the city right now… the street art. It’s incredible. We also passed this:



Some of you may recognize that as famous image of Evita. That building is the Health Administrations building. On this side of the building you see her angry because this is the richer side of town, but on the other is an image of her smiling – at the poorer side of town. Interesting stuff!

At the Circolo we talked with the woman of IFSA about things to expect as women in Argentina which was really helpful. Then I went home and had dinner with my host mom. She was impressed that I walked that far! She also pretty much told me to go out and party tomorrow night… sooo. Going out at night is a really big thing here so I think it will be fun! I’m much to tired tonight though.


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