Living it Up in the Big City!

Yesterday was a wonderful day off! I finally got to sleep in for a bit and then I walked about twenty blocks to meet up with some friends at an outdoor craft market. I didn’t buy anything because I was afraid if I started… I wouldn’t stop! Everything was absolutely beautiful and all hand crafted:


I did by some fresh fruit though which was very very good. It was really nice outside and I’m already getting tan! Yayayay. Crazy to think that at home it’s still way below freezing. The walk was also incredibly beautiful, of course:



I came back to my apartment after the market and took a siesta to get ready for the night ahead. In Argentina going out to bars and boliches until 8 in the morning is the norm. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to do that hahaha. I went to dinner with some friends at around 10 pm. It took me forever to get there because the buses were slow, but it was a really good dinner! I had risotto with really good mushrooms and a glass of wine. Then we went to a bar and had a couple of drinks there. On the way to the bus we saw this celebration in the street for Carnival:


All the kids had shaving cream and were spraying it at each other and once we got hit, we decided to go haha.

We caught a bus after that and when we went to get off, these two guys started trying to beat the crap out of each other and then accidentally hit this woman who was not having it. She got in some pretty good punches, probably better than both of them combined ahha. It was interesting. At the bar I made some new friends – one from Columbia and one from Holland. They were really funny and the night out was fun. I left at like two or three and then headed home via taxi! It was really fun!

I slept for forever in the morning and then had some breakfast. I made plans with some friends for lunch and headed out at like 2pm. We met up near by since we live close and walked to the subway.. which I took for the first time today! I really liked it… it costs a little more than the bus and is really hot but it’s really fast. Plus the walls are all covered in beautiful murals (which I of course didn’t take a photo of). Then we walked to this pizza place that was kosher (we picked that because my friend Jess keeps kosher and we wanted to eat with her!). The pizza was really good – it had red sauce and mozzarella, sliced tomatoes, basil and sliced hard boiled egg! It’s supposedly a thing here and it was really really good. Plus we had a dark beer that was also really tasty! There was a cute little boy in the restaurant who yelled and pointed that we were drinking beer ahhaa. Also I’m pretty sure the waiter left the restaurant and went and bought it… not sure though ahahaha.

After lunch we wandered back to our barrio and found a really great ice cream place. I wish I took a photo. But, due to how good it was, I’ll probably go back again sooo. I got the mint and chocolate and it was incredible. It was soft and creamy and perfect hahaha. I was going to take a photo of the tiny spoon that came with the ice cream and post it on here since by the time I thought to take a picture of the ice cream, I had already finished it, oops. But my friend Sammy said that was stupid, so alas, no tiny spoon photo.

After the ice cream we sat for a while in a park people/dog watching. It was the best. And I creepily took photos of the cutest dogs:




We also spotted this three year old boy who will, we decided based on his incredible ball handling skills, be the next  Lionel Andrés Messi. Maybe our little friend will be captain in 17 years… I’ll put money on it. The kid was casually doing scissor kicks. Yes, I stared, a lot.

Then it was back home to have a much needed chat with my parents! AKA I love wifi. Lucky me that I have it. People wanted to do stuff tonight but I was like naw I’m tired hahhaaha. I’ve been yawning since I woke up. Off to bed in order to prepare for another day of exploration tomorrow!


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