Low Key Day

Today was spent mostly indoors! My friends and I have a lot planned for tomorrow and I have to have a list of at least 14 classes I might want to take for Thursday. It’s so much harder to register for classes when everything is in a different language. After sleeping in for a long long while, I talked to my sister on the phone for a while, but then my host mom thought I wasn’t alive so I got up haha.

After breakfast I worked on my classes and later took a break for a snack and a walk. I wanted to take a walk to the water… but I think I will save that for tomorrow. The path I was taking turned a bit sketchy, so I decided to turn back. But not before I snapped this beauty:


On my way back I decided to stop into this building that everyone seemed to be going in and out of… it turned out to be the largest mall I have ever seen. It was four floors and it was the classiest place:


It had outdoor patios and all the cutest little stores you could possibly imagine. I managed to snag this photo when I was on the top floor:


I can’t believe I’m really living here! Also crazy to think that I was a little chilly today in my shorts and t-shirt while my sisters were snowed-in in D.C.

For dinner we had this really good thing – it was onions in this like pie shell. It was so good. And she made me a salad – all for me because she doesn’t eat vegetables. Then we had fruit and cake to close out the day!


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