And Spanish Classes Have Started…

Today Spanish classes started! Turned out I didn’t set my alarm right… but thank god for my internal clock hhahaha. I actually made really good time and was early to class. Today I documented the kitchen:



And here’s what I drink every morning!:


It’s like coffee but not exactly.. I really like it!

Spanish class was a bit scary at first but I was really enjoying it by the end! Hopefully I can say the same for tomorrows class. Then I sat through the optional class about Peronista goverment and I really liked it! It was super interesting and it was taught by the IFSA woman, Sabrina, that I had dinner with! After that I went to a talk with Mario, the director, where he pretty much gave us a historic outline of Argentina which was really helpful.

Then Sammy, Jess and I went to lunch. Sammy and I both had eggplant:


It was super good! Then Jess had to go and I went with Sammy to shop for Mate cups. Mate is a tea that they drink here and it has a distinct taste as well as special cups. We didn’t end up buying one and headed back to IFSA because I thought the next optional class was starting. Turns out we ended up in the same chat with Mario that we had already been in… oops I take total blame for that. It was helpful though because it was a little different the second time. Then we stuck around for the last optional talk, which was about political art. I have discovered that at least with what was talked about for the hour, I am not interested.

After that I went home and got my laundry and brought it to the laundry place. I’m not really sure how much I have to pay or what is happening to it. Currently in place of all my clothes, I have this:


She said come tomorrow and pay tomorrow so we shall see what happens. My host mother left dinner for me because she went out to dinner with her late husband’s sister. I had tuna salad with rice and tomatoes and lettuce… it was really tasty! It was dark tuna, I don’t think I’ve had that before. Then I cleaned all the dishes and put everything back to order. Now to set my alarm correctly for the morning…


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