A trip to the theater…

Today started just like yesterday… breakfast and my bus ride in to my Spanish class. Today’s class was cool because we looked at the local newspapers and learned a lot about them. After that I went to a couple more classes and then met with my advisor for over an hour. She’s super great and helpful and I think I’m less confused. One thing they do here that I’m not quite used to yet is kisses on the cheek ALL the time. They call them besos. My advisor and I are on super good terms, we besoed twice. Ayo, I’m getting there. 

After my meeting I grabbed some lunch and bought my first Alfajore – not from a bakery but from one of the many kioscos. It was so so incredibly good:



For lunch I had pizza… they do this thing here were you can stand at a counter and eat your food, so I figured, welp when in Rome:


After one more class, Sammy and I took the subte home. After that we looked around for a place for her to do laundry. We found a really nice and cheap one that I might start bringing mine to if I have the time. My laundry costs twenty more pesos a load. I went and picked up my laundry after Sammy and I parted and this is what I got:


Pretty cool! All folded and dry and clean and in a plastic bag. Not bad for like 8 American dollars, though I can do better. When I got home, my host mom had friends over so I awkwardly said hello and went straight to my room for a nap to prep for our theater outing. I’m glad I did.

A couple hours later I left and walked to the theater. There I found the rest of the IFSA kids and Mario gave us each our tickets for, Fuerza Bruta (Brute Force). The show was absolutely incredible. It was kind of like Cirque du Soleil, but with water. You have to stand the whole time and they make you part of the show and there is a lot of water and you get pretty wet. But they are all doing these acrobatic stunts while hanging from the ceiling and it’s colorful and loud and you’re dancing and it was awesome. I can’t really describe. If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend it. I was next to one of the IFSA ladies the whole time and she is really nice and it was fun. IFSA really has a great great staff. Here are some photos I snapped:


That’s people swimming in a pool above our heads, as is this one:


And these are of this man that was climbing through this tube… it’s hard to explain  hahaah:



My friend Jess and I walked home together and I ate dinner at like 11. Time for bed… Spanish class in the morning and first class selection tomorrow!



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