Recoleta Cemetery

Today was very very long, but enjoyable!!

First off I made it to Spanish and we talked about music for a while. After Spanish I went to a history class and then with some friends I walked from the IFSA office to the Recoleta cemetery. We walked for like forty blocks, which was fun, but super super long. I snapped this along the way:


At the cemetery we met with Mario who gave us a wonderful tour of the important tombs of past presidents and leaders and so on.We walked for two hours exploring the history of Argentina chronologically – from 1810 until the death of Evita. It’s a beautiful cemetery with incredible architecture. Here are some photos:



Our last stop was the tomb of Evita and her family:



There were some flowers left for her and Mario said that on the anniversary of her death you can hardly walk through the path because of all the flowers. Too bad I won’t still be here to see that! The trip was really hot but it was fun!

For lunch I had these little sandwiches my host mom gave to me and then Jess and I walked home. I tried to sign up for some UCA classes but I was so tired because I’d walked like over fifty blocks, I napped first. Then I woke up and managed to sign up for one class – we shall see if I like it. Then for dinner we had Gnocchi’s which are so good but she gave me nine million and it took so much effort to eat them all ahhaa. And then I had a really really good pear. And I taught her about what Hanukkah is! Good times all around and maybeee a little sunburn, oops. I’m surprised it took me this long. After dinner I went back to my room to post this – but laid down first, oops! I slept for like three hours first, hence the late posting. And I’m still super super tired! So off to bed for me.


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