Classes, Classes, Classes

And with today I started my grammar class. I was kind of scared in the morning… but I ended up really liking it! The professor is really nice and I’m not as far behind as I thought I was, turns out I have a pretty good grammar base, for now at least. This is our wonderful workbook for the rest of the semester:


I only had class until noon today, and after sticking around for a little while longer asking questions about my problems with class registration, I decided going home for a nap was the best idea. I took the bus home and snapped this on the way:


When I got off the bus I decided to stop at the mall to buy a Tupperware, but the security man freaked out on me because I had a backpack… and he told me to put it in one of the lockers (I understood what he said to me!!). I tried, but you have to pay a peso (the coin) to use the locker, and I didn’t have any coins, so I just went home. At home I thought about registering for classes… took one look at my computer and then slept for two hours. When I woke up I called the University, fixed the problem, and after try like forty five, I am in two more classes, it’s unclear if  they’re the right ones, but I’m registered for something! Then I spent forever trying to figure out how I was going to make it all over the city this week… it’s going to be rough, but I think I’ve got it. My desk currently looks like this:


But I really can’t get that stressed out because our balcony looks like this:


I’m actually excited to go find my class tomorrow and be in it… I haven’t had a class in three months! We shall see how it goes. For dinner we had the same thing as last night but with peas because I supposedly didn’t eat enough last night. Mind you I managed to eat what she served me which was at least twice what I would normally take hahaha. Oh boy. At dinner she also quizzed me on my verbs and she said we are going to keep doing it until I get it right. And I got this one phrase right tonight, finally, and she said “Gosh, it’s about time!” Hahaha. We also had a really interesting conversation about autism and down syndrome. Good day overall! Now to bed because I have an 8:30 tomorrow and I’m not quite sure where…


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