My Spanish Is Improving!

Today was a successful day for many reasons. When I was on the bus this morning I took out my map just to make sure I got the street right, and the man sitting next to me asked, in Spanish, if all was well with my map. He then asked where I was from and we had like a real chat for a bit. After I had explained where in New York, he got a big grin on his face and said in English “New England!” Then I got off the bus and found  my class and UNDERSTOOD ALMOST ALL OF IT. It was awesome. 

Then I passed the huge theater, Teatro Colón and captured this:



Then I had to get to the IFSA building for a meeting. The IFSA office is on the eighth floor of this building, and in order to get in we have to show this man our ID and then he gives us a card to get through. Every day I always say hello in Spanish and today I talked a little more with the man about IFSA and you know what he said to me??? He just smiled and smiled and then said that my Spanish is very very good. He has no idea that he totally made my day.  

After some IFSA meetings and chats some friends and I trekked out to on of the UBA campuses, traversing the Subway system like pros. The subway is super artsy:



After checking out the UBA campus, we all headed home. I don’t know what it is, but I think the little kids here are cuter. They are all dressed up in their school uniforms when I see them walking around. I managed to get a shot of these two who look like miniature twin doctors:


Also street art is still my favorite thing ever (the next one is for you Becca, if you ever read my blog):


We had Polenta for dinner, it’s kinda like a mix between pasta and cornbread… it was really good! Time to sleep because a different class at a different University awaits me in the morning.


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