So Many People Live Here

Today was a crazy day! 

I went to my second University today, the Catholic one:


There I took a History of the Twentieth century class, which was harder than the other class I took yesterday because it was all about theory and I didn’t really understand a lot of the words. But afterwards I talked to the professor and he told me next class he’d slow it down a bit, which was really nice of him. After class I ate my lunch with this view:


Then I walked back to the IFSA office past La Casa Rosada:



And then through the Plaza de Mayo. There was a big protest going on with people in tents.. I’m not sure what it was. There were a lot of police and this great photo opportunity of these police officers all lined up but I didn’t want to get in trouble so I didn’t take it. But the main streets were shut down by the IFSA office with a different protest:


Then I made my way to Palermo to have a meeting with my advisor where I got a lot of stuff sorted out. I spotted this cool looking hostel:


Then it was back to IFSA for my Spanish class to finish out the day! After class I went to my bus stop and there was a huge line… I think only one bus was running because every stop had a huge line. This bus had no seat on the right wheel covering and I was over standing smushed in between people and was not about to let the prime free space go to waste so I crawled on top and sat. Everyone thought it was a great job and told me so when they got on the bus:


I ended up getting off a stop early and walking the rest of the way because I was so over the crowdedness. Then after getting home I took a little nap and did my Spanish homework. For dinner we had steaks… the meat here is so so good. It was super tasty. I did much better today on my during dinner grammar test, though I have yet to perfect it. After dinner I finished up my homework and got to talk to Marli for a while! I’m so lucky that I’m able to call people for free. It was wonderful to talk to her. Yay for technology and wonderful friends! Tomorrow is incredibly busy, so, to bed.


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