And This Is Why I Came Here

So yesterday started with craziness, was full of craziness and ended with craziness too, which is why I didn’t post yesterday. My day started with a 7:45am class which meant I had to get up at 6am. And then at said class the professor got to me and pretty much was like oh this could be hard for you and I really wanted to say, no, really?? But after that the girl in front of me took my notebook and wrote down all this stuff that was really helpful for me so I could find the homework and stuff. She was also discussing the concept of  beer pong with her friends and how awesome it was and I really wanted to chime in and tell her that it’s so incredibly lame here… that a 2 ft table and 4 glasses is not beer pong…. but I merely thanked her for her help. 

After my UCA class I walked to the IFSA office for my Spanish class, which was fun and I really like the woman I have for the class. She’s super sassy and funny and has hair the color of a red crayon. Intense, but it suits her. She asked me to tell her what I did that day or the day before, in order to practice the past tense, and when I said I had class she was like oh my god! Today?? Already?? That’s absurd!! And then ran around telling everyone hahaa. After Spanish I registered for some of my UBA classes and then had time to spare before needing to meet up with my concentration at the Plaza de Mayo, so I decided to walk there and sit in the park and read my Argentine newspaper.

I did just that and it was beautiful out and yes, now I have a terrible sunburn. First I stopped to listen to this girl singing Beatles songs in the street for a bit:


In the park there was this man was selling corn to little kids so I spent a lot of time watching (and taking pictures of) kids playing with the birds:



Yes, that little girl has two birds in her hands… sadly I missed the shot where she threw them into the air.

After waiting  a while I met up with my group to watch the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo march, one of the main reasons I came here… and I was not disappointed. It was great. They marched around the statue just like the always have and at one point we joined in. There are two groups of Madres now with different ideals – here are some photos of both:




Afterwards my advisor, who was with us, informed me that I have been offered an internship at el Parque de la Memoria, a park where los desaprecidos, the disappeared ones, are commemorated. A lot of the Madres visit there a lot and she thinks I’m really going to enjoy it! You can check out their website here:

After the park we visited the Cathedral right off the square, it was beautiful:






After the cathedral we went back to the office and then explored a little book store for fun:


After that I headed to class… I had one from 6pm to 9pm last night! It was actually fun mostly because the students were really nice. Since it was a night class, most of the people came from work – and they were really nice and chatted with me. Also the professor said something about how no one can ever understand his English and then he said something to me that I didn’t understand at all and then asked me to say “the pencil is yellow” in Spanish, which I did, and then he said “I just said that!” hahaa. Also when I gave him my last name he spent like five minutes saying “what movie, what movie” and finally came up with the Terminator to which I told him my sister’s name is actually Sarah Conner. He was shocked when I said I wasn’t kidding. Then after class he asked me why I wrote down Abigail as my name – to which I replied, uh because it’s my name… but what he really meant was why I was named that. I told him it was because it’s a family name – he said he liked it. Though he doesn’t pronounce like I do… he uses the Spanish vowels so it sounds like: Ahbiguyeel. Interesting. Then I took the Subte home and got home at like 9:45pm ate a lot of food, talked on the phone to my parents for a bit while laying on my bed, hung up the phone and then woke up at 6am fully dressed…. oops hahaha. Then today I got out of the house because the maid was trying to clean, we chatted first, her name is Rosa she is very very sweet. So I got to the office early and read my Argentine paper. Then I went to a chat with Mario about where to travel to which was awesome. And then it started to pour but I walked to my meeting at UCA. I met with this woman from the states who is doing a study about how study abroad affects language proficiency. I did all the tasks for today and then she paid me like 130 pesos! Ayyyy. One part of it was looking at pictures and deciding if the word you heard matched. One picture was of a boy and his dad and the word you heard was error. I mean the kid might have been a mistake.. haha. I couldn’t stop laughing.

It didn’t stop pouring… and then I waited for the bus for forever.. then two came.. empty… and didn’t stop. Then I discovered that the buses are on strike because someone killed one of the drivers last night. So I took the subte and walked pretty far to get home… and was soaked ahhaa. But I got dried off took and nap and ate and now I’m off to a tango club for the night! 🙂


3 thoughts on “And This Is Why I Came Here

  1. Abigail. I miss you. Your posts are lovely – almost as lovely as you 😀 ❤ Love, from the Raver household (mostly Emma. But Momma Raver too. She loves you and said she's gonna miss you at Easter!)

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