A Wonderful Weekend!

I wasn’t sure if I’d like the Tango – but I can now say I do. It was so fun! I picked up the basics okay and it was really fun because the place we went to had us keep switching partners. Here’s a shot of the dance floor and some of the more experienced dancers:




And a photo with some friends pre tango:



Even though the weather was still really terrible, Allison and I walked there together – and we had a really good time! One man that I danced with (who was drunk) was very surprised to discover that I was from the United States – he thought I was from Argentina because I danced so well – I do appreciate the compliment on my dancing skills, but I do not look Argentine haha. My favorite dance partner of the night was this older man who looks like Steven Collins – the dad on the Fosters who was also the dad on Seventh Heaven:


Like that was him. He was super nice and we were really good. After tangoing for a while Allison and I decided to head out at like 12:30, 1:00. When we passed an ice cream shop and realized it was still open, we decided to stop in. We stayed there chatting until after two and I ate this tasty cone of chocolate and white chocolate ice cream:


After the ice cream we both made the long walk home. My host mom had friends staying with her who had come in while I was gone but everyone was asleep by the time I got back. I heard their voices in the morning but they had gone out before I could get out of bed. I had a lazy morning in which I discovered how to trick my computer into thinking it was in the U.S. so now I can use Hulu – aka I watched the new Bones episode. Then Sammy Allison and I went to lunch where Sammy and I shared a very good Chicken pie thing and then we got more ice cream and sat in the park. I was really bad about taking pictures this weekend – I have none, oops. We didn’t do much though… we went to a taco place in Palermo Soho that was good and then walked around for a while and ending up getting drinks from a Thai place. Sammy was adventurous and went for this spicy drink that was absolutely disgusting… I played it safe with a fruity one. Then my friend Olivia split of to go home and Sammy and I walked Allison to her bus. Afterwards we bought these chip things that were super good (kind of like bugles but I hate those and these were really good) and we walked home and talked. I dropped her at her house and walked the few blocks back to my house. When I had left for dinner I met my host mom’s friend and we had a conversation and she understood me and I understood her and it was beautiful. She was super nice. I met the daughter Sunday morning when they were leaving… she was also super nice! Sunday I laid very low and slept a lot while also writing this paper for my Spanish class. It was nice to relax. Today I put all the classes I’m trying out on my calendar and it’s overwhelming! Haha. For dinner last night I got to try all the leftovers from the weekend – they pull out allll the stops here for when company comes. I ate this ham roll thing that was super good and then we had crackers with liverwurst and Roquefort cheese – both good! She told me to butter my crackers before putting on the cheese too… it tasted good! Strange though for me. Then there was ice cream for desert that was kind of like Dibs in the States but it had dulce de leche in it. So good! And then some chocolate from her friend that was hazelnut. All good different things! And then I passed out for the night. 

Today I started a new class at UBA called the Introduction to Human Rights. I didn’t like it hahaha. I took me forever to get there and then the lady just talked about court cases the whole time which was not quite what I was looking for. After a long ride home, steak, pasta and salad for dinner with my first taste of Turrón (a almond dessert from Spain) I passed out and of course didn’t post again – so now I’m posting pre morning class. Oh and another photo I snapped on the street last night:



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