No, You May Not Steal My Things Sir

Today was an experience… and I think it came at just the right time.

I had a class at eight thirty which I went to and all was well. I’m not a super fan of the class, but I understand so I might take it. After class I figured out how to go and print at a shop and then I made my way to search out the next place I had class – which was when it happened. I had my backpack on my front and as I was waiting to cross one of the main streets and I was watching the traffic to my right when a man tapped me on my shoulder. He pointed out that there was stuff all over my backpack and pointed to the sky. So I awkwardly said thanks and moved away from him feeling awkward that a bird pooped all over my bag. Which was when I noticed that the substance did not look like bird poop and in fact smelled like Mayo. I glanced over at the main and saw that indeed he had a mayo packet and a napkin in his hand. 

Just next what I expected happened… he rushed over to help me clean it up… but I knew about the scam, said no and held tight to my money and phone in my pocket and moved quickly away from him. Farther down the street another man pointed it out and tried to take my backpack off me to clean it off, then saying that it was on my sweatshirt (actually sir, it was not) and I saw the other man catch up and try to block what was happening to which I looked at the man and said NO and got out of there. 

AKA my successful avoidance of robbery today. It shook me a bit but I think it was a good reminder after my three week settle in that you can never be too careful. But also made me feel good that I didn’t let myself get played.

That is one of their big schemes here… to put something on you and then while they are cleaning it off, someone takes all your stuff. Welp, nice try boys, but ya didn’t get me. 

I had my human rights concentration class after that which I actually really really enjoyed. Then my Spanish class which was fun too. We had a crazy crazy professor today which was fun. The bus home took foreverrrrr but I made it. My host mom had some friends over who I chatted with and then I took a tiny nap before dinner because it was a veryyyy long day. 

Though I honestly have nothing to complain about because I took this today 🙂 :


Also today was “chilly” and I felt the need to wear a light sweatshirt with my shorts and t-shirt…. 🙂

For dinner we had this corn pie thing and this super strange and tasty grapefruit juice! Also Cat Stevens was on the radio so that was wonderful. Plus my host mom bought me some really tasty fresh alfajores! Good day overall 🙂


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