Some Day I WILL Have a Real Schedule

I really hope that that day comes soon haha. It has been an absolutely crazy week of trying classes and running around like a crazy person. But yesterday was a success!

The day started off normal with my grammar class. It wasn’t too bad and the professor was really nice. Afterwards I went next door with Allison because she needed to buy lunch and I bought an empanada for 10 pesos – my first “real” one – aka meat ahaha:


If you can’t tell… it was super super tasty. We sat for a while and chatted – mostly about how much we love everyone in the IFSA office because they are so nice and so funny and we just love sitting there and chatting with them. After a while we walked to the Subway (here it’s called the subte) and took it together because we were both trying out the same class at the University of Buenos Aires. And by some miracle… I actually LOVED the class. I understood most of it… and the professors were these three awesome ladies who are super smart and it was just great. The other reason that I think I liked it so much was because all of my other classes have been pretty much strictly lecture – but this one was, well, great ahha. It was interactive and a bunch of different things – we watched some videos – and I even participated! Also, this room actually had a door and was quiet which was much better than my other class – though the door proved to be a problem haha. After class had started, the door was shut. But as is life in Argentina, some people came late, which was when we discovered that the door refused to open again – which was very amusing and the professors were just laughing and laughing. We went on with class, with some classmates on the other side of the impenetrable door, until we heard a sawing noise and the door popped open. Yes, they just sawed the lock right off haha. It was fun. But I really really like the class! It was super long – four hours- but if I take this one.. I will only have three other classes instead of four.

Before class, since we were early, we went searching for the book we need for our concentration – ย it took four different book stores until we found one that had it. Then when I paid (my credit card works here!) the man asked where I was from in the States I said New York and he kept saying 25 and laughing and I’m still not really sure why…

After class I took the subte home and it’s like an hour ride because it’s not completely direct but it’s all I know right now hahaha. But then we had Gnocchis for dinner (so yum) so everything was okay ๐Ÿ™‚ And then I fell right asleep because gosh this week is killing me haha.
I didn’t go to my UCA classes the past two days because I didn’t really like it and I figured I had my two USAL classes that were okay to fall back on. So I just went to Spanish class this morning.. there were only three of us for a little while and the prof was nowhere to be seen – so the head of the Spanish classes taught us for a bit. She seems super mean but I really like her. I told Allison that I want to take my actual Spanish class for the semester from her because I feel like it would be a beautiful love hate relationship – I would love her and she would hate me – and it would be wonderful. In class she made me read my homework from the other day out loud (such torture) which was awkward because I was the only who actually wrote the full typed page we were supposed to have so I had A LOT to read. But when I was done she told me that it was very very good! YAYAY. Then the prof showed up and we carried on with correcting my paper – my one issue is por and para. SO hard. Like gosh the words mean pretty much the same thing why didn’t they just pick one? Like come on.

Anyway, after class I talked to Celina (the woman I wanted to take my Spanish class with) because I don’t know if I can actually take her class and she was really really happy that I wanted to take her class ๐Ÿ™‚ I think that’s my favorite thing ever, when you say something you don’t have to say or do something you don’t have to do and you can see the pure genuine happiness and gratefullness (is that even a word? My English is getting terrible) in the other person. It happened when I was waiting for the bus today too.. it came and I let this worried looking lady get on before me and she looked at me a little shocked and genuinely said thanks (well, she said gracias, but you get the point).

I went home after that and took a nap, had my lunch, surfed the net haha. Then I headed back to IFSA for my meeting with my advisor. This is the gem that greets us everyday:

2014-03-20 16.47.31

I had a class at USAL to go to at 6pm and I was really hoping she’d be like no don’t go! You should just take that other class because you really liked it. And that’s exactly what she said! It was wonderful. So now I’ve officially dropped all of my 3 credit classes and I’m just trying out three 6 credit UBA classes. Yay! So much closer to a real schedule. And tomorrow I found out which Spanish class I’m in and possibly when I start my internship!

On the bus home I sat and read my book for class… it’s pretty good! Very interesting. When I got home my host mom was very excited that I had dropped the class because that meant that after her class gets over at 9pm we can eat and she won’t have to wait or not wait and then feel bad haha.

Pasta and cream sauce for dinner and a fresh pear! And bed haha.


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