T Minus 42 Days

I can’t believe that I’m quickly running out of time here… honestly now, it feels like we just got here! I’m definitely excited to go home, but I don’t want to leave here!

The last couple weeks have been filled with a lot of studying and good food!:


(gnocchi at an Italian restaurant with Sammy)


(incredible veggie pizza, with sweet potato too, with Al)

It’s been a whirlwind. A week and a half ago Sammy and I went together for our dinner with the Director for our evaluations. It was super fun and the food was INCREDIBLE. It was ravioli with a bunch of different sauces and I don’t even like Ricotta and I liked it. Sammy took my picture so I could prove to my mother that I was wearing tights and a skirt and boots and actually looked decent haha:


We also handed in a parcial work assignment for our class, which is pretty much the equivalent of a midterm here and that was scary… but I got it back this week and I got an A!

Actually he gave me an A with three exclamation points hahhahaa. It was a really nice because it is a sign that I’m not terrible at Spanish like I usually feel like I am ha. 

I’m really feeling good about things here. I’m much more comfortable and I feel like now I’m at a level with my Spanish that I can really start to learn more vocab, it’s fun!

Classes are also becoming much more enjoyable and I’m deep within my paper topics for my finals that I’m actually really excited about! So I’d say things are going quite swell.

But to top that off… I’m about to leave the house to go pick up my parents and Sarah at the airport!!! Many fun adventures and photos to come, so keep checking back!


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